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6 Awesome Advantages To Having a Winter Wedding in Austria

Why being a winter bride or groom is basically the best.

Winter weddings have a lot going for them.  Yes, we all know that summer weddings are stunning but there are some downsides to consider.  Unbearable heat can make a mess out of brides beautiful wedding hair and make-up.  Hectic schedules along with planned summer vacations might have some of your guests being forced to RSVP ‘no’ to your big day.  Wedding venues book up incredible fast during the summer months, sometimes even years in advanced.  So booking your dream wedding venue might not happen.  Bummer, right?  But with a winter wedding, you can avoid all of that and that is why being a winter bride or groom is basically the best.


Still undecided about having your special day in winter?  Let us warm you up with these 6 winter wedding advantages.  From better venue rates and availability to less stress over the weather, here’s why you’ll be grateful to get married in the winter season.

1).  No Humidity

Have you ever been to a wedding in the middle of July or August?  Obviously we have.  Sometimes the air is so thick it can be hard to breath and after about one hour you feel like you need to change out of your sweat soaked outfit.  Not to mention the bride is running to the bathroom every 20 minutes to fix her hair and make-up.  With a winter wedding you can avoid all of that.  Your wedding will be indoors where the temperature is comfortable for you and your guests.  Your hair and make-up will thank you and you won’t have to worry about grandma or grandpa passing out from the heat (trust us, this happens a lot.

2).  Less Stress

Talk to a former bride or groom and ask them how many times they were checking the weather the week of their wedding.  What we love about winter weddings is the lack of stress over the elements since they typically take place indoors.  The risk of rain, wind or sweltering heat can make the planning of your wedding extremely stressful and costly if you have to add tents or pay for a plan b option in case the weather turns bad.  Taking Mother Nature out of the equation means less stress for you, your vendors, your guests and your family.

3).  More Venue Dates and Potentially Better Rates

Most wedding venues and vendors book up months or even years in advanced during the summer months and typically at a higher rate, whereas those same locations and vendors are available and potentially lower priced during the colder months.  The other upside is they aren’t as busy meaning they’ll be able to focus more of their attention on your big day.  You’ll also maybe have more flexibility with your venue or vendors in regards to coming in early to set up or stay late since there is not likely an event right after yours.

4).  Cheaper Travel

Hotels and flights are at their peak during the summer when school is out and everyone is taking their vacations.  Your guests will thank you that they didn’t have to spend hours searching for a decently priced hotel or flight and the possibility of all your guests staying at the same hotel will be much higher.  Who know’s maybe with all that money your guests will save they will spend it on you for your wedding.

5).  It’s Unique

From colour palette to flowers and decor, there are several elements of the winter season to inspire your winter wedding.  From shades of winter white with lots of greenery to a more rustic and cozy feeling like lots of wood and other deep vibrant colours.  Warm your guests up with fire pits, cozy blankets or a warm signature cocktail, hot cider or coco.  Rest assured your winter wedding will be memorable as it will be something different for you and your guests.

6). Stunning Winter Wedding Photos

If you are blessed by the angles above with a shower of snow either before or on your big day you can be sure to snap some epic snowy wedding photos that will blow away any heated sun summer photos.  And while we were not lucky on this particular wedding day with falling snow we did have a cool 20 degrees and the photos still turned out beautifully and our bride and groom were not dying from the intense heat.


This is the feedback we got from one of the couples:

“Besser geht es nicht! Betti, Ryan & David haben unsere Hochzeit mit Film und Foto begleitet und wir waren ÜBERWÄLTIGT von den Ergebnissen! Wir empfehlen die Surfin Birds vorbehaltlos allen unseren Freunden 🙂 Von A bis Z – vom Kennenlernen und dem Erkunden unserer Location über die liebevolle und aufmerksame Begleitung an „unserem Tag“ bis hin zu den hunderten sensationellen Fotos und dem wunderbaren Film – sie wissen einfach wie es geht. Waren zu jeder Zeit am richtigen Ort und immer dabei ohne jemals im Weg zu stehen oder lästig zu sein. Wir würden es ohne zu zögern wieder mit ihnen machen.”




We hope you enjoyed our 6 advantages to having a winter wedding and our photos from our recent winter wedding at Aiola im Schloss St. Veit bei Graz and the Stiftsschmiede am Ossiacher See in Kärnten.

If you are interested in planning a memorable winter wedding and are looking for more tips or suggestions feel free to reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to share all of our advice and tips for your big wonderful winter day.


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All the Best,

your Surfin Birds


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