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Our TOP 5 Wedding Venues in Vienna and Lower Austria from 2019

Number 5: Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna

Today Schloss Schönbrunn is the most visited tourist destination in Austria.  Around 8 million people visit this magical and magnificent palace every year.  And guess what… YOU CAN HAVE WEDDINGS THERE!!!
Now I know what you are thinking, you probably have several dollar signs in your head and are thinking you would have to sell a few organs to afford to get married there.  Well guess what, it’s more affordable than you think!
At our recent wedding at Schloss Schönbrunn I was shocked when the groom told me that it was very affordable to get married there.  I was thinking 10K, 20K or even 30K to get married at a place like this.  But guess what, you can have your fairy tale wedding at Schloss Schönbrunn for between 2K and 5K.
Not only can you choose between two stunning rooms to get married in but top it off with a magical carriage ride around the palace grounds afterwards to get the full  fairytale wedding experience.


 Did we mention the endless places to do wedding photos?  Between the butterfly garden, the rose garden, the gorgeous staircases and the grand garden itself.  You and your wedding photographer will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes time to do your couple photos.
Check out the wedding venue pricing at Schloss Schönbrunn HERE.


Number 4: Schloss Miller-Aichholz in Vienna

We had our first wedding at SCHLOSS MILLER-AICHHOLZ this summer and we have several reasons why this wedding venue made our top 5 list.  First off the proximity to Vienna.  Located about 20 minutes from the city center, if you and several of your guests are coming from Vienna this is an ideal location. Right next to the venue is the Eventcenter Hotel making it easy for you and your guests to stay close by either before or after the wedding.

Blogpost Hochzeitslocation Wien


This venue is spacious!  Not only do you have several options for an outdoor wedding but you also have access to the castle where you and your wedding party can get ready.
The reception hall is stunning! With an entire wall of floor to ceiling glass letting in beautiful natural light, an old timers bar and spacious patio, you and your guests will have a great time and the space to dance the night away.

HERE you can check out the entire photo reportage we shot at the venue.


Blogpost Hochzeitslocation Wien


Check out our wedding video featuring Schloss Miller-Aichholz:

Number 3: Colosseum21 in the 21st district of Vienna

What do you get when you mix historical industrial buildings, picturesque cobblestones and stunning inner courtyards?  You get an extraordinary and unforgettable wedding experience that is offered by COLOSSEUM21.  Not only do you have 5 different halls to choose from but the service at this wedding venue is extraordinary.
If you are a couple that is having a big wedding with several guests, a DJ/Band that is ready to rock & roll and you are not into the old castles or churches, we highly recommend Colosseum 21.

HERE you can check out the entire photo reportage we shot at the venue.


Check out our wedding video where our wedding couple chose Colosseum 21 for their wedding reception.


Number 2: Stadtflucht Bergmühle in Kronberg

Imagine a victorian bed, large Moroccan rugs, vibrant and colourful antique couches and large artistic sculptures.  Have that image in your head?  Great, now imagine all of those things outside in a stunning garden.  Thats what you get when you visit STADTFLUCHT BERGMÜHLE.

This venue is charming and has a great futuristic concept that you won’t find anywhere else.  They have been featured in several blogs and press magazines for their stylish approach to events and weddings.  The property is absolutely gorgeous and all the rooms are unique and extremely well decorated.
If you are a couple looking for that fun, unique and wow factor in a wedding venue, then Stadtflucht Bergmühle is definitely a venue you should check out.


HERE you can check out the entire photo reportage we shot at the venue.

Number 1: Schloss Hernstein in Lower Austria

If a big castle, a beautiful lake and a romantic boat ride sound good to you, then head to Lower Austria and visit SCHLOSS HERNSTEIN.

This completely private wedding venue is perfect for the wedding couple who is looking to have everything in one place.
Big romantic castle for pictures and getting ready…Check!
Nice outdoor ceremony area with a view of the lake and castle behind you…Check!
Take a boat ride with your loved one across the lake after you say I DO…Check!
Hotel on site for your guests to stay…Check!
Nice big reception rooms for your dinner and party…Check!
Do we really need to say anymore?

HERE you can check out the entire photo reportage we shot at the venue.



Thank you for reading our blog, we hope that you found this helpful in your search for a wedding venue.

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