Wedding Invitation

Unique Designs for Extraordinary Wedding Couples

At the beginning of your wedding planning, wedding invitations play a large role.  The right design, matching of colors and font choices for your Save-the-Date cards gives your wedding guests their first impression of what your wedding will look like, and first impressions are everything!  

This is where our Surfin Birds graphic designer Anna comes in.
Do you already have a great idea of what your wedding designs may look like? Great, Anna can start with the implementation and put your ideas to reality.  Have you just started planning and are unsure of what type of design/color direction you’d like to go in?  Not a a problem, Anna offers you a FREE consultation meeting so you and her can start planning your wonderful invitations.
Anna’s unique designs are specific for each wedding couple and no design is used twice ensuring your wedding invitations will be truly unique and one of a kind.
Along with her extensive experience in wedding invitation, Anna can also assist you in creating your own personal wedding website design where guests can easily RSVP and find out other important information regarding your wedding day.

How it works

During your free first consultation meeting (max 1hr) you will get to know Anna and start discussing your perfect design for your wedding day.  You both will discuss your budget and wedding time table.
You’ll get the chance to see and feel different types of paper options as well as printed material.  From there you and Anna will decide together which stylistic approach you want to go in.  Example being: Retro, vintage, boho, modern or minimalistic.
After that you will work with Anna on deciding which type of paper and which shapes you will have.
Next comes the designs for the table menu cards, invitations, gifts for your guests, seating chart and personalised wedding logos.
We understand that there are 1000’s of ready made templates online with very similar designs and colors. If that is what you want for your wedding, there is nothing wrong with that…. BUT, if you are looking for something special and truly unique, something that is one of a kind and really expresses who you are and what your wedding will be like, then Anna is the right person for you!