Being a photographer you have to challenge your creativity and try things you normally wouldn’t do.  We’ve found that this process helps us in our communication with clients, building confidence and broadens our creativity as photographers.  This January we decided we wanted to try to photograph a couple with smoke bombs.  It is something that we’ve never done and it was always something that we wanted to try.

We knew we would need that certain couple, a couple with that rock´n´roll kind of attitude and who was up for anything.  Enter our model Mike (https://www.instagram.com/good_luck_mike/) and his girlfriend Jasmine!  A bad ass couple who thought a smoke bomb photo shoot would be awesome and was up for doing it in the freezing cold during Winter.

We had found a nearby meadow and the day of the photoshoot there was a light fog that covered the meadow giving it a horror film like setting.  Mike and Jasmine dressed up and we photographed them like crazy with the smoke bombs.  What we found out from this photo shoot is that,

1) Photo shoots with smokes bombs are a ton of fun

2) It really challenged us as photographers

3) People absolutely loved the photos and we can’t wait to do it again, this time during the summer!

So we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did and if you are interested in joining us on our next photoshoot with smoke bombs please drop us a message and let’s get this party started.

All the Best,

Surfin Birds