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Boudoir Photography – a sexy and sensual photoshooting!

Hello dear Surfin Birds Friends! In this blogpost we talk about the fine art of boudoir photography – erotic and sensual photoshootings of women in elegant lingerie, with professional make up and of course in a gorgeous ambience!

sexy dame dessous unterwäsche bett fotoshooting

Why we offer boudoir photography and how we came up with it

Surfin Birds Photography and Film wants to share a story with you from one of our wedding brides from last year. 

  One of our amazing brides-to-be reached out to us and asked us to take some intimate and sexy photos of her so that she could give them to her future husband on their wedding day. We happily accepted the challenge not having photographed anything like this before but long story short the photo shoot went incredible and the photos came out amazing. The look on the grooms face was priceless when he opened this box of intimate photos right before he walked down the aisle and waited for his bride.  

  Let us tell you something, to this day we have never seen a groom look at his bride the same way as this groom did on their wedding day.  These photos showed him a side of his bride he had never seen before.  And boy did he like it!

That got us thinking…
Would more of our soon to be brides want to do a Boudoir photoshoot?  And what about not only our future brides but would any woman want to do a Boudoir photoshoot?

Boudoir photography – sexy, elegant and aesthetic

So we set out doing some market research asking both past and future brides of ours if they were interested in doing a boudoir photoshoot.  

  Our results left us in awe.  To our surprise over 50% of the brides we reached out to were interested in doing a boudoir photoshoot for their husband.  So we decided to not just stop with our brides.  We started asking friends of ours, close business clients, and random people we came into contact with.  The results were the same.  A vast majority of women were interested in doing a boudoir photoshoot.

  Fast forward to this year.  We wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot where we could show all the pictures to any woman who was interested in booking a boudoir photoshoot. We had the privilege of photographing a boudoir session with a friend of ours.  We’ll call her Miss C to keep her anonymous.  We booked a fancy Airbnb in Vienna’s 1st District, called our professional hair and make-up artist, partnered with Velvet Dessous for the lingerie and set off for our boudoir photoshoot.
Now as you can imagine this type of a photoshoot can seem a bit intimidating, after all you are in lingerie getting photographed but after a glass or two of Prosecco or two Miss C was feeling confident and did an absolute incredible job during the photoshoot.  After the photoshoot she said it was one of the best and the most fun she has had during a photoshoot in years.  We talked with Miss C about maybe the reasons why a woman may be hesitant to do a boudoir photoshoot and we asked her for feedback regarding her first experience with the boudoir shoot.  With all the information we gathered from Miss C along with the research we gathered from our current and previous brides we came up with our blog post, 6 REASONS WHY EVERY WOMAN SHOULD BOOK A BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT.
We hope you enjoy the blog post!

Six reasons, why every woman should do a boudoir photoshoot

You may have heard the term ‘’Boudoir Photography’’, but what exactly is a Boudoir Photoshoot.  Boudoir is officially defined as a woman’s private room or dressing room.  So you can say a Boudoir Photoshoot would be intimate photos of a woman, suggestively covered but not fully nude, meant to tease the senses.  While some think these sessions may seem intimidating, here are our 6 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot!

prosecco frau bett sexy unterwäsche


  How often do you get to work with a professional make up artist and a professional photographer.  Add this with professional retouching of the photos and this will equal some of the best portraits of yourself that you will ever see.  After the shoot you will be feeling glamorous and empowered we highly recommend to our clients that you schedule a night out after getting your portraits done.  Trust us, you’ll thank us later.


  Boudoir photoshoots are great for showing off your beauty and giving you an esteem boost with photographs that you can treasure for years to come.  Do it for yourself above all else and enjoy getting pampered by professionals.  Indulge and love every minute of it.


  Can you imagine the look on your partners face when you surprise them with an album filled with sensuous pictures of the one person they love the most.  If they think you are the most beautiful person on your worst hair day and when you wear sweatpants around the house.  Imagine showing your partner how smoking hot you are in classy lingerie and professional makeup.  It maybe a side of your partner you’ve never seen.

mädchen tattoo dessous boudoir unterwäschefotos kärnten wien
sexy frau in unterwaesche


   If you are a soon to be bride no doubt that you have already started skin care regimens and have stopped taking the donuts at the office to make sure that you look great for your big day.  Show off all your hard work and document such a momentous time in your life. Did we mention surprising your parter on your wedding day with an album filled with sensuous pictures of the person they love the most is a GREAT GIFT.  Imagine the look on your partners face when they see you for the first time walking down the aisle.  MEOW!!!


 Boudoir sessions are great for empowering you.  Regardless of your body, professional photographers know how to position you to make you look and feel sensational.  Plus getting treated like a celebrity for a few hours is great therapy for anyone. We promise you, wait until you see the photographs for the first time.  You will be blown away and you will see how gorgeous you really are and it will make you walk with a little pep in your step.

b/w woman boudoir photoshooting
sexy frau in unterwaesche


 Have an anniversary coming up, is your small-business taking off or did you score that well-deserved promotion?  We recommend taking the time to document this special time in your life.  After all what is the point of life if you don’t celebrate life’s achievements.  Not only will you have gorgeous portraits of yourself, but when you look at at them you’ll remember how amazing this time was in your life.

Remember that you can wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident; a boudoir session is all about YOU!  You don’t have to wait for the perfect time or moment, DO IT NOW.  Now is the time to indulge yourself.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of doing a boudoir photoshoot with us or if you can’t wait to book one and want to schedule one right away: !

sexy kinky hemd mädchen bett dessous

frau dessous unterwäsche bett fotoshooting

A special thanks to Miss C for allowing us to share our recent boudoir session of her with you all.

CLICK HERE to read everything about boudoir photography on our website!

Another big THANK YOU to Helga Fuhrmann of VELVET DESSOUS in the first district of  Vienna. Helgas many years of experience as a lingerie expert helped a lot to make this shooting an amazing experience for everyone. Thank you so much for allowing us to use your dessous collections!

Last but not least a big THANK YOU to our preferred Viennese make up artist Nina Borde of Warpaint Vienna. We are partnering with Nina for many years already and she is always doing an amazing job in making our clients even more beautiful.

 We are currently partnering with some incredible hotels both in Vienna and in Carinthia giving us access to some stunning hotel rooms for your first…or your next boudoir photoshoot!
We look forward to hearing from you!
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Thank you,
Surfin Birds Photography and Film

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